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Great rates starting from 60%
Average check - $60.10


Average CVR from:
Visitors → Sign-up: 20%
Registration → Complete order: 68%


Customers stay with us on average of 2-4 years. Income from these students can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars.


We pay same day via Paypal, Payoneer, WMZ, Privat, and BTC. Minimum withdrawal from credit card is $100.


There are many good things to be said about our product, but it's best to take an inside tour.

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Every first Monday of the month receive up to an 80% share bump. Unique promocodes available upon request...

Retargeting and customer retention free charge.

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Passive income

During peak season (school year) conversion is 5x higher than the summer and winter holidays. Strategize and earn passive income for the next 3-4 months.

Promo materials

Get access to the best converting promos. This includes banners, key words, landing pages, and top-notch selling techniques.

High potential

There are more that 64 million students studying in the USA alone. Each may be your potential customer with the average LTV being $700.

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EssayPro.Money Reviews

This is a great service.
Working with Adwords, there are never any problems with misleading data. Good Revshare rates along with high CVR. Thank you!


It's been a year since I have started working with this program, and the support is great. There has been many times that they have helped me to optimize my campaigns.


I'm so glad that I started working with this program. There is absolutely no shave, all payouts were performed on time, and I have nothing to complain about.


The money is always paid promptly, and their support team is super helpful.


Nice product, high payout, simple admin panel. Has convenient and clear stats.


Been using Facebook traffic for about a year. At first I had low CVR, but the support managers helped me with high converting promos and optimized my campaign. Big thanks!


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